The Manor Somerset is your very own West Country "Luxury Mansion" in which to host the gathering or party you’ve imagined.

We provide the setting, the ambience, luxurious accommodation to chill in, a plethora of dining choices and a host of activities designed around you.   

Below is a guide to Bijou Parties from 10 people upward for both self catered and catered stays for 24 hrs - you can extend your stay to several days should you wish to



Self-Catered per 24 Hrs

10-14 person stay from £250 pp | 15-18 person stay from £230 pp | 19-24 person stay from £210 pp


Catered per 24 Hrs

10-14 person stay from £315 pp | 15- 18 person stay from £345 pp | 19- 24 person stay from £375 pp  


* you may extend your stay to 48/72 hrs or longer based on the above costs per 24 hrs 


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